Who is Wishfoal Memories? 

My story is about how images can communicate and speak feelings and emotions. My true desire is that you see my photographic style as one that expresses my love for nature and passion to show others the beauty in our lives. Through my images, I hope you get a feeling of who I am and how I see nature.

I spent a great deal of time outdoors in my younger years. During this time, I learned the fundamentals of photography. Once I discovered photography, my camera would travel with me everywhere. This included many wonderful camping trips, riding and hiking with my family throughout Canada’s vast Provincial Park system. What an amazing setting to practice my new photography skills and spend time with my family.

These experiences with nature have stayed with me since that time. I feel so lucky that each day, no matter hiking, riding horses or just taking a walk through the forest, I get to see and listen to beauty all around me and now I get to share my passion of nature and photography with others. I have found my home in the field of photography and hope you enjoy my work.


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